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Light bladder leaks and incontinence affects 4.8 million Australians (and one in every two mums), but yet a lot of people seem to want to keep quiet about their LBL issues. We are all about embracing all bodily functions and supporting all people by developing undies that can help them with their everyday.

Which is why we have a range of leak-proof underwear developed to catch any little leaks that may occur during a jump on a trampoline, a gym class or even during a sneeze!

Using a three-layer patented technology, our pee-proof underwear wicks moisture away from the body and locks it into the centre layer, meaning you feel dry and smell fresh all day long.


How does Modibodi leak-proof underwear work for bladder leaks?

Even though the absorbent panel is only 3mm thick, it’s made up of three layers of our Modifier Technology™ which can hold up to 50ml of flow.

Here’s the official breakdown of all the layers and what they do for your bladder leaks:

The top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells, so you stay dry and fresh

The middle layer safely absorbs fluid and locks it away (2.5 – 50ml depending on the flow you go with)

The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection, so you’re super secure and safe from any leak-throughs.


Frequently asked questions about incontinence underwear that we’d love to clear up…

Do they smell? …Our patented three-layer technology means that all liquid and odour are locked in the middle layer so there’s no external smell and you feel dry too.

Do you feel wet wearing them? …Not at all, the moisture wicking layer wicks all fluid away from your body so you stay dry and fresh!

How long can you wear incontinence underwear before changing them? …This really comes down to what you’re comfortable with, but our underwear can hold up to 50ml so you should be able to wear one pair all day long.