About Modibodi Middle East

Modibodi Middle East was started up in September 2018 by Australian ex-pat Natalie Hobbs. It all began late one night when Natalie stumbled across a Facebook Ad for period-proof underwear which captured her interest. Having used pads and tampons for almost 30 years, Natalie was very intrigued to learn about underwear you could wear when having your period without a pad or tampon (or as well as, depending on your flow).

It soon became apparent that Modibodi was the leader in period-proof underwear. The technology was developed over several years, many prototypes, almost 1,000 scientific experiments and consulting with almost 100 textile engineers and fibre companies in Australia and the US. The result is an amazing range of underwear that is comfortable, better for the environment, cheaper in the long-run, safer, looks great and works! Simply wear it, give it a quick rinse and then machine wash on a delicate cycle. Modibodi also includes a maternity range including underwear and a breastfeeding singlet - eliminating the need to use breast pads. 

Women with heavy periods no longer need to worry about leaking or spotting. Teenage girls (and some even younger) no longer need to be anxious about their period arriving and being unprepared. Modibodi gives women peace of mind - every month.

Modibodi wants to empower all women in our life and caters for all body shapes and sizes. Refusing to photoshop their models, you’ll see models that look exactly like they do in real life. Modibodi believes that cellulite, freckles and stretch marks are natural and should not be seen as ugly and erased. As a mother to two young girls Natalie believes promoting a positive body image is vital. For too long, girls and women have aspired to the unrealistic images portrayed in the general media.

The combination of a fantastic, sustainable product, a chance to help and empower women in all walks of life and close alignment with her personal values are all the reasons why Natalie loves Modibodi so much! And why Natalie made it her mission to bring Modibodi to the Middle East. In a few short months after meeting with the Founder in Australia, she was appointed the official distributor for Modibodi in the Middle East.

Natalie is excited to bring such an amazing product - which has taken Australia and the UK by storm - to women living here in the Middle East.